Financial planing

Financial planing

Financial Analysis

At Alum Financial, our goal is to help educate individuals about all repayment options available that loan servicers do not inform them of. When it comes to student loans, there’s no “right way” to repay.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your existing financial situation. Through this process, we determine which programs you may qualify for, provide you with a written report, and allow you to choose which programs you believe will best suit your repayment needs. It’s easy!

Personal Budget Analysis and Consultation

The financial review will analyze your monthly obligations, savings and investments, personal financial goals, and overall monthly spending habits. Our goal is nothing less than 100% satisfied clientele, who recommend us to their family and friends without reservation.

Personalized Student Loan Analysis and Plan

After your personalized budget analysis and consultation, your custom-tailored loan plan will be organized into four primary components: income, assets, liabilities, and an in-depth analysis of your total monthly expenses. The information and resources are necessary tools to help reduce your monthly payment obligations so that you can focus on your financial goals.